about us


Haffar Chahe Jonoob Co. (South Well Drilling Engineering Co. “SWDEC”) has been established with joint venture of CAMERON Integrated Services (CIS) in year 2001.

The central office is located in Tehran and the plant is located in Eshtehard Industrial City (Karaj Area).

Haffar Chahe Jonoob is one of the best Wellhead and Gate valves manufacturers in IRAN which acts under CAMERON joint venture and standard.

At present SWDEC is making all CAMERON surface and drilling equipment in IRAN  based on original B.O.M and drawing along with CAMERON supervision.

In this regard there are some important projects that have been implemented by SWDEC for several customers.

Haffar chahe Jonoob activity is based on four major subjects as follow:


1. Manufacturing of all Surface and Drilling equipment


2. Re-manufacturing and repair of BOP and Wellhead


3. Spare parts supply for all Cameron products in Iran


4. Running , installation , service / maintenance in offshore and onshore projects.


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